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Protecting Our Waterways

FLT has facilitated the protection of 564,760 ft of riparian habitat over the roughly 28,000 acres that we conserve. 

That is about 106 miles of stream and river and pond edge, just shy of twice the length of the MA stretch of the CT River. Our conservation lands encompass vibrant wild trout streams like Dragon Brook in Shelburne and the Bear River in Ashfield, support thriving communities of delicate stream invertebrates, and provide opportunities for recreation and contemplation along some of the most beautiful waterways in the state. 

Wild trout are among the best indicators of a flourishing coldwater stream. This brown was caught, photographed, and released on a small headwater on conserved land.

 Photo by Josh Morse

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Mayflies, Stoneflies, and Caddisflies represent the cream of the crop in the population of a small, healthy stream. 

All three groups of insects are sensitive to pollution, and thrive in oxygen rich water with diverse habitat types. FLT looks to the presence, abundance, and diversity of these insects to indicate the health of the waters on its conservation lands.


Common Stonefly, Meadow Brook, Guyette Farm

Flatheaded Mayfly, Meadow Brook, Guyette Farm

Northern Casemaker Caddislfies, Meadow Brook, Guyette Farm

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