Eli Pease

Land Steward


Eli grew up in the small town of Worthington where he became passionate about the outdoors at an early age. At 18, He was an intern for Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife, where he spent the summer doing fish samples and other wildlife conservation projects, before heading off to college at the University of Montana Western. After a Semester he transferred to the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a degree in Wildlife Conservation and Ecology in May of 2018. After graduating he took a seasonal position for Kentucky Division of Fish and Wildlife working in waterfowl habitat management. After that he took on another seasonal position for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, where he was trapping and tagging whitetail deer for the Deer-Forest study that has been going on for years. After that seasonal position he started here at FLT as the Land Steward.

Conserving land is very important to Eli, as he is participates in a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities such a hiking, fishing, and camping. He is enthusiastic about working with the public to conserve lands and managing properties for people to enjoy.

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