D2R2 Routes

We have limited 2021 to just three routes, the 180K, the 100K and a new 160K.

  • Every route is beautifully scenic and include significant climbing and descending, with its physical and technical challenge.
  • If you haven’t ridden similar terrain we recommend starting with our shorter routes and coming back for more in subsequent years.
  • There are bailout options from each checkpoint, but they may still be challenging routes home.


PLEASE USE CUE SHEETS to navigate routes. Maps and GPS files are for basic reference but may have minor inconsistencies.  In true Randonnee style - please use your cue sheet.

If you intend to only use a GPS to navigate the route, please at least take the time to read through the cue sheet pre-ride as it also contains important cautionary information as well as useful route divergence information.

D2R2 2021 now has an official Ride With GPS page with this year's routes and bailout routes.

Information on how to import GPX files to your GPS unit.


The original, the legend, the ride that started it all. The 180K is harder than anything most riders have ever experienced. Famous 100-mile trail races have faster times than our 180K. At the same time, people have described it as a journey so wonderful that they wished it indeed would
never end. A grand tour of Franklin County's secret back roads. Bring the low gear you need to climb a 20 percent grade with 100 miles in your legs, and plan on a full day.

Start Time: 6:00 AM

Cue SheetFIT  |  RideWithGPS180K MAPGPX

160K (NEW!)

Details for 2022 to be determined...check back!

Start Time : 7:00 AM

Cue SheetFIT |   RideWithGPS  |  160K MAPGPX


The 115K is harder than the 100K, more so than the distance would suggest. Where the 100K gets 2/3 of its climbing done before lunch, the 115K issues four major climbs, one just before lunch and three afterward. Pennel Hill has been described as a sandbox tilted at 15%, and the descent following that has to be ridden to be believed. This ride also has three sections of jeep track and the Patten Hill climb.

Start Time: 8:00 AM

Cue SheetFIT |   RideWithGPS115K MapGPX


The 100K came about the very first year when RUSA administrator Don Podolski surveyed the 180K and politely suggested that a "junior" course would be a good idea. Indeed, half the riders took the short course that first year, and the 100K has been a staple ever since. The ride takes about as long as 100 miles on the road, and thus only here does it somehow get thought of as "the short course!"

Start Time: 9:00 AM

Cue Sheet |   FIT  |  RideWithGPS  |  100K MAPGPX

40-mile Green River Tour

The 40-mile Green River Tour was sparsely attended for years, but finally. word is out that there is a way to enjoy the mystique of D2R2 without having to climb mountains. The first quarter is on the pavement, the middle half follows Green River Road with an optional climb before lunch, and the last quarter is paved. The hills are minimal, totally doable pulling a trailer. And ... it's Green River Road, which speaks for itself.

Start Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Cue SheetFIT |   RideWithGPS  |  Green River Tour MAPGPX

12-mile Family Ride

The Family Ride is designed for those riders with small children or riders who want to enjoy the D2R2 experience with a more modest physical challenge. The majority of this ride is on a relatively flat dirt road that runs adjacent to the Green River. The hills are minimal, totally doable pulling a trailer. And ... it's Green River Road, which speaks for itself.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Family Ride will START near 10-mile bridge. Registration will be near 10-mile bridge as well.  Lunch will be served at the covered bridge in Guilford with the rest of the routes.

Start Times: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Cue SheetFIT |  RideWithGPSFamily Ride MAPGPX

Mystery Ride (NEW! 100K-ish w/optional loop)

This years’ Mystery will use bits and pieces of other routes spliced together in a new and different way. A few stretches that will resemble trails more than roads are to be expected. There will be 6800 feet of climbing, more or less.More punishment will be possible for those who seek it by adding an optional new 10 mile after-lunch loop that will have two serious climbs...one long and steady and the other short but as steep as it gets. You’ll need to be flexible in your thinking and ready for anything as route details won’t be available until just before the ride.

Basic safety/planning information about the route will be available before the ride.

No cues or maps available until the morning of the ride. 

Start Time: 8:30am