FULL – Land Management Workshop – November 12, 2022

  • November 12, 2022 Time TBD

On November 12th join Land Steward Will Sloan Anderson and landowner Rich Pantermehl at Rich’s property in Ashfield. Rich has been managing his family’s property for forest products and wildlife habitats for decades. He also purchased an abutting parcel, on which FLT holds a CR. In addition, Rich has worked with FLT, as a contractor, on a number of projects, from field reclamation to fisheries habitat. We will look at some of the work he has done on his property with an eye toward field, shrubland, and young forest habitats. Rich will also show his heating system for his house; a Finnish-made wood chip boiler. This system represents some of the most recent technology in efficient, clean, residential, wood heat technology that uses low-quality wood, which is often the byproduct of habitat management and timber stand improvement.