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Routes 5 & 10 Conservation Area


  • Total Acreage 21.5
  • Restriction Type FEE
  • Date Completed May 23, 2008
  • Interest Holder FLT

During the 2008 subdivision of a large parcel sandwiched between Rte 5&10 and I-91, the Franklin Land Trust was gifted the 20 acre wet woodland which would become the Route 5 & 10 Conservation Area. Although the property once supported industry—the bed of the old New Haven-Northampton railway bisects the woodlot—the conservation area is rapidly being reclaimed by the red maple and eastern hemlock that dominated the Pioneer Valley's wet lowlands before European colonization. Nestled between these stands, vernal pools ranging from 5 to 50 ft. in diameter dot the property, providing breeding habitat for insects and amphibians and foraging grounds for birds including American Woodcock and Green Herons. Recognizing the delicacy of the re-establishing wet woodlands of this property, the Franklin Land Trust reserves the Rte 5 & 10 Conservation Area for natural history workshops, and maintains no public access to the site.

Activities: natural history by invitation only
Hiking Difficulty: NA

Access: None

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