Snowshoers & Hikers Welcome

Last week our Land Steward, Emily Johnson, led a small group of volunteers on a snowshoe hike at Guyette Farm in Plainfield. Open to the public and
accessible year-round, Guyette Farm boasts diverse habitat with lots of evidence of wildlife! Over the past several years, the Franklin Land Trust
has been managing Guyette Farm’s old pastures to provide early successional habitat for wildlife browsing. After having spent hot autumn days cutting
to promote juniper and blueberry, Emily – also known as EmJ – and the volunteers were pleased to see fox, coyote, and deer tracks amongst the managed
area. After traipsing around and visiting Meadow Brook, the volunteers helped select a tree for the placement of a wildlife camera.

Although mostly just inadvertently capturing pictures of herself, EmJ hopes to document some of the more interesting wildlife
that takes advantage of the Franklin Land Trust’s management efforts.

Guyette Farm is open to the public and has a plowed parking area! The property is located at the intersection of Gloyd Road and Old South Street in

For more information, visit our Guyette page.


Photographs by Art Schwenger & Emily Johnson