IMG_6197,Ray, Emily Boss & Will A.

Spring Ephemerals Walk

Embark upon a spring ephemeral walk like no other. Join naturalist Cesi Marseglia at the Walnut Hill Woods in Buckland. Well over a dozen species of spring ephemerals are present at this abundant site, as well as many of their minute pollinators. Learn about the intricate and specialized relationships between spring ephemerals and the earliest-to-wake pollinators, how to recognize a rich mesic forest type by its tree composition, and how bedrock relates to the proliferation of spring ephemerals in certain areas. Bring any poles or mobility devices that will allow you to walk uphill and on uneven terrain, and don’t forget your hand lens if you want to get a closer look!

This program has applied for support from the Shelburne Cultural Council and the Buckland Cultural Council, local agencies which are supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.