A Letter from the Executive Director – Coronavirus Update

We are all doing our best, in these challenging days, to maintain our health, our equilibrium, and our productivity. After consultation with our board and with colleagues throughout the non-profit field, we have decided to postpone scheduled gatherings for the month of March and have asked that our staff prepare to work in their home offices for the remainder of the month. Our staff can still be reached by calling the office (413-625-9151) and dialing their extensions or contacting them via email. We will continue to keep our conservation projects for the year
moving forward and our lines of communications open with our landowners and friends. 

I have seen three periods of major upheaval seriously challenge conservation organizations: the real estate collapse of the 1990’s, the tragedies of September
11, 2001, and the market fall of 2008.In each instance, perspective was a rare gift, calamity seemed rampant, and there appeared to be little that
anyone could do in response other than to recall the old blues verse about “I’ve seen better days, but I’m puttin’ up with these.”As challenging as
those times all were, they eventually gave way to a return to the seed-time of “better days.”

We are fortunate to live here in a place of wild creatures, of deep heritage, and of human community, and we appreciate these things most deeply during
trying circumstances. Even if it seems that there is little that we can immediately do to effect events in the broad scale, we know that we can still
keep a faith that inspires us to take care of ourselves and of others. What we do today may seem little enough, but we know that our integrity of purpose
will bear fruit in the health and prosperity of the lives and of the land that we love.

So, in words we probably first heard from an old neighbor, an aunt, or an uncle, we hope you will “take care,” and we swap promises with you to “be
in touch.”Together, we’ll get over these rough spots. In the meantime, being outdoors in the fresh air is a great way to stay healthy, both physically
and mentally. We encourage you to take advantage of our Places to Visit for ideas of
local spaces to explore and enjoy. It is our hope that connecting with these natural places will give you a sense of calm and peace during these uncertain


With best regards,

Tom Curren

Executive Director

Franklin Land Trust