Give Back to the Land

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2022 and Give Back to the Land!

Earth day is a global annual event dedicated to environmental protection. Each Earth Day, Franklin Land Trust joins with four other regional land trusts to maximize our impact and protect the land we love!

Together, let’s continue to conserve the land that we depend on.

When we protect our farms, forests, and waterways we are ensuring that our friends, neighbors, and family members will enjoy clean air, clean water, and healthy food - forever. For 34 years the Franklin Land Trust (FLT) has worked with landowners and communities to conserve over 33,000 acres of farmland, woodlands, vistas, historic landscapes, and natural areas that make western Massachusetts such a wonderful place.

Conserved land plays an important role in the fight against climate change.

Trees, forests, fields, and wetlands offer nature-based solutions to our climate crisis by storing and sequestering carbon, filtering air and water, and providing critical habitat for wildlife.

Tree Planting 1

We can’t do it without you!

We need your help to protect the important lands that combat the effects of climate change and make our region special. With your help, we will make sure that western Massachusetts communities can enjoy our region’s wild rivers, scenic views, fresh local food, and recreational opportunities for generations to come.

Take action on Earth Day!

Please consider donating to Franklin Land Trust in support of this important work or sign up to volunteer with us for a day of service to the land on April 22.

Your gift ensures that we can continue to conserve the places that make western Massachusetts so special, for today and for tomorrow. Thank you for joining with us by giving back to the land!