Who We Are

The Franklin Land Trust is a non-profit organization in western Massachusetts that assists farmers and other landowners who want to protect their land from unwanted development. FLT has helped hundreds of families in western Massachusetts to craft conservation plans that address their financial goals, family needs, and conservation vision.


The Franklin Land Trust works to conserve farms, forests, wildlands, and other natural resources significant to the quality of the environment, economy and rural character of our region.


We celebrate the landscape, the history, and the rural culture of western Massachusetts. We work to ensure, through a program of land conservation and stewardship, that the historic pattern of field, woodland and village will endure for the benefit of generations to come.


  • Regional Sustainability

    We support a viable, local agricultural and forestry economy and encourage active land management

  • Stewarding the Land

    We support balancing the needs of landowners with the responsibility for permanent natural resource conservation.

  • Community Involvement

    We seek to engage the community to build a sense of common purpose in support of land conservation and natural resource stewardship in western Massachusetts.

  • Landowner Support

    We consider and respect the goals of each landowner with whom we work as we tailor land conservation strategies.

  • Organizational Excellence & Integrity

    We value the public trust and take pride in accomplishing our work in a professional, thorough manner.

  • Conservation Leadership

    We demonstrate leadership through partnerships, collaborations and sustainable management of our conserved lands.

Where We Work

The Franklin Land Trust works to conserve land in western Massachusetts. The Franklin Land Trust has conserved or assisted with conserving land in Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden and Berkshire Counties.