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We have the perfect holiday gift that’s certain to be enjoyed for years to come and doesn’t take up any space inside the house: the gift of local land conservation!

Whatever your gift level, you can help us grow our community support. The recipient will be notified with a holiday card and a new member packet.

Top Ten Reasons to give the Gift of Land 

  1. It’s always the right size, fit & color.
  2. You don’t have to ship it (or wrap it).
  3. It’s tax deductible.
  4. You don’t have to put it together.
  5. It’s recyclable & eco-friendly.
  6. It doesn’t need batteries.
  7. It helps keep our air and water clean.
  8. You'll be providing a home for wild critters
  9. During the season of peace you are helping preserve some natural serenity.
  10. Your great-great grandchildren can enjoy the same gift as your children.

It feels really good to help preserve our beautiful part of the planet!