Cindy Skelly

Cindy Skelly spent half of her life living in a large city in Texas, where open spaces were overtaken by sprawl, pushing past all city limits to the point where the city is no longer recognizable.

Nature has always significantly impacted her, and being outside has always been Cindy’s oasis. It is where she finds solace and listens to her inner voice. Through physical activity, goal setting, and a genuine love of nature, Cindy has found something bigger than herself.

Cindy is a bicultural leader in the social service non-profit world. She is committed to valuing diversity and contributing to an inclusive environment. Over the past fifteen years, she has worked with underserved, marginalized people and on a team of diverse colleagues. She believes nature should be accessible and open to all.

Living in a small town, Cindy cherishes open spaces. It’s the reason she calls this place home. The natural beauty that surrounds us is what captivates and unites us all. On any given day, you will find her outside, most likely cycling, hiking, paddling, or gardening