Boston Globe Readers Decide


If you’re a Boston Globe print or digital subscriber (or know someone who is), you can help the Franklin Land Trust get free advertising in the
Globe through their GRANT (Globe Readers and Nonprofits Together) program.

Help the Franklin Land Trust spread the word about our valuable work! 

There are two easy ways to help:

  1. Visit the Globe GRANT website and enter your email or subscriber number and fill
    in Franklin Land Trust, Inc. in

    Shelburne Falls,
    Massachusetts as your favorite nonprofit.

  2. Look for the silver envelope that says “Grant voucher for your favorite nonprofit enclosed.”

    Pull out the “check” for either $50 or $100. Write “Franklin Land Trust, Inc. 5 Mechanic Street, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

    . Mail the check back to the Boston Globe using the envelope provided by April 30, 2015.

 Why Choose Franklin Land Trust?

By designating us as your preferred nonprofit, you can help us spread the word about the vital work we are doing.

The quality of life we enjoy through our deep connection with the land is not a given. The hills and valleys of our region—with their rivers,
forests, farms, sugar bush, rambling old New England roads, and small towns steeped in history—are a unique and precious resource. These assets
benefit our health, our economy, and our community.

  • Conserving land around rivers, lakes, and streams ensures we have clean drinking water supplies and helps prevent pollution.
  • Conserving our region’s working farms and woodlands helps preserve Franklin County’s history and rural character, and provides a local source for fresh
    food and wood products.
  • Permanently conserving farmland ensures that it will be affordable and available for future generations of farmers.
  • Outdoor recreation is part of our way of life. Protecting our natural areas will ensure that we still have places to hike, boat, fish, hunt, see wildlife,
    or just enjoy the quiet and peace of nature.
  • Preserving natural areas provides a safe place for children to run and play outdoors, and experience nature.
  • Conservation boosts our prosperity by preserving the dirt roads, stone walls, open fields, scenic vistas, and lush forests that attract tourists and
    contribute to our positive quality of life.

The vast majority of the land that the Franklin Land Trust conserves remains privately owned and managed, but our work ensures that the land will remain
in its natural state, providing all these benefits, forever.

Franklin Land Trust has been a leading conservation organization in our community for over 28 years. 

Thank you for considering us!