D2R2 – The Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnée

Saturday, August 20, 2022

We celebrate the landscape, the history, and the rural culture of western Massachusetts, and work to ensure, through a program of land protection, that the historic pattern of field, woodland and village will endure for the benefit of generations to come.

The Deerfield Dirt-Road Randonnee was conceived in the 1990's as just a favorite dirt-road loop in the hilltowns of Franklin County, Massachusetts. Since its birth as an organized event in 2005, many have hailed D2R2 as the hardest, most beautiful, most fun, most traffic-free, most unique, and overall best ride that they have ever done. However, D2R2 will continue to maintain its original character as just a bike ride –

  • The courses will use the narrowest, oldest, twistiest, quietest, and most-scenic roads available.
  • A range of courses will provide access to novices as well as challenge the world's strongest riders.
  • D2R2 will never offer prizes for anything other than gags, nor will finish results ever be presented like it was a race.
  • Riders shall cover the course in a self-sufficient manner, without motorized crew vehicles.
  • The organization will put as much effort into its food offerings as the routes
  • The event is a key fundraiser for the Franklin Land Trust's efforts to preserve land in the region.

At the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnée, or D2R2, you start whenever you want and navigate your own route, you won't get a prize for finishing first, or grief for finishing last—and, by the way, you will fall under the spell of the most beautiful hard roads you've ever ridden.

MIKE MAGNUSON for Bicycling Magazine

Route Choices


The original, the legend, the ride that started it all.

(New!) 160k

A classic Mystery Route revival from 2016!


Four major climbs, one just before lunch and three afterward.


Only here is this thought of as "the short course!"

Green River Tour

Enjoy the mystique of D2R2 without having to climb mountains!

Family Ride

The hills are minimal, totally doable pulling a trailer.

Rain or Shine Event - Sorry, No Refunds

If WE have to cancel the event prior to July 1st, a 100% refund will be offered. Between July 1-31, a 50% refund will be offered. After July 31st, we will be unable to offer a refund.


Registration & Franklin Land Trust questions: email Mary -mlsabourin@verizon.net

All other questions: email Sandy - saundersw03@yahoo.com


D2R2 – Persevering through the pandemic

We were forced to cancel D2R2 in 2020, for the first time in its history, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are beyond excited to be back in action in 2021! In light of the waning but still real presence of COVID-19 in our midst, however, we will be offering a modified event for this year (and this year only, we hope).

What’s not going to change (much): the scenic, rural, fun, and challenging bike ride part of it. Could it be D2R2 otherwise? Due to the reduced size of this year’s event, we will be focusing on just three routes:

180K – The original and still-unequalled dirt road randonnée. All the miles, all the hills, all the dirt you remember. Roadside and sag support will be limited this year, so please respect the difficulty of this route and take it on only if you are confident in your ability to complete it.

100K – The classic “junior” randonnée route – D2R2-style scenery, camaraderie, fresh air, and challenging riding packed into a comparatively bite-sized option. One that more riders will be able to complete comfortably.

160K - Mystery Revival ! This course was intended to be a one-time only route in 2016, one that didn’t stray too far, but approached familiar D2R2 locales in unfamiliar ways. Five years on we decided to resurrect the route and add a few new roads in Whitingham, VT. The ride has a few rocky, uphill stretches that many will walk, but there are also roads that have been entirely rebuilt since 2016. Riders with a sense of adventure will be treated to the customary dose of scenic D2R2 roads in this lightly supported ride, but will experience them in a novel way.

What will be different in 2021:

If you’ve joined us for D2R2 in the past, you know that the event is equally famous for the social gatherings we put on before and after as it is for the rides themselves. Unfortunately, owing to the still significant presence of COVID-19 in our communities, we must defer a lot of these social activities until next year.

Before the ride, we will be providing parking to registered participants and an opportunity to fill up on water at the start area. Expect staggered start times to avoid crowding, and unfortunately, there will be no overnight camping or pre-ride breakfast. We will not offer same-day registration, registration packet pickups, or merchandise for sale the day of the event. We sincerely hope that these will all be back in 2022.

During the ride, there will be support locations providing water and packaged food items that will be convenient to grab and take with you (think Clif bars, bananas, etc). There will not be a catered, sit-down lunch of the sort we have offered in previous years. We do anticipate each ride having one mid-ride support location with some more robust and varied take-with food options for you. Due to a reduced number of volunteer staff and limited access to locations for support, we ask that riders be prepared to be more self-sufficient than usual with respect to repairs, on-bike water capacity, etc.

After the ride, there will be a pre-packaged catered dinner provided so that you can start to refuel right away after the big ride. You can take this with you or eat it tailgate-style at your car with your ride buddies. There will not be a dining tent to eat at this year. There WILL be beer and a special 2021 pint glass. Again, we sincerely hope that all of these amenities will be back, safely, next year. For this year, we’re just focused (and hope you are too) on the exciting fact that we can get out there and ride our bikes together again.

Registering for D2R2

To register for D2R2 you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be willing to comply with all ongoing pandemic control measures mandated by the State of Massachusetts, the ride organizers, and any businesses you might wish to enter along the routes.

  • Registration will initially be made available on May 14th to those generous riders who donated their 2020 registration fee to help keep the Franklin Land trust alive and well during the pandemic.
  • Open registration will commence on May 21st.

Thank you!

There will be no on-site registration or packet pick-up. Ride materials will be emailed to registered riders before the event.

Pre-purchased merchandise will be mailed to participants before the event.  ORDER MERCHANDISE

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