Farrick State APR

Farrick State APR, Christian Lane, Whately, 14.6 acres

The Franklin Land Trust, in partnership with Whately Land Preservation (an unincorporated local land conservation advocacy group for which FLT serves as the nonprofit umbrella), assisted the MA Department of Agricultural Resources – Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) Program in conserving over 14 acres of prime farmland belonging to Edward Farrick of Whately. FLT assisted Ed in filling-out the APR application, and we donated $3,000 as the local contribution/match required by the APR program. The funds were raised by volunteers from Whately Land Preservation and donated to FLT for conservation projects in Whately.

Ed Farrick is currently leasing the farmland to Dave Jackson, owner of Enterprise Farm in Deerfield. Dave is an organic farmer growing vegetables on the fields for his CSA with customers in Boston, NYC and of course western MA.