FLT Covid-19 Safety Policy

Franklin Land Trust Safety Policy

The staff of the Franklin Land Trust are continuing to meet with landowners about new conservation projects and have already begun the annual work of land
stewardship monitoring that are attendant to our mission. This year, in the interest of the health and well-being of all concerned, we are taking the
steps that are consistent with the Governor’s public health guidelines. We hope that our friends in the community understand the rationale behind our
efforts to stay healthy, productive, and comfortable in our work.

*We invite the public to enjoy our conserved areas, being mindful of their own health and considerate of the health and well-being of others.

*Where at all possible, we will arrange with landowners and volunteers to discuss planning over the telephone or by e-mail to reduce the need for in-person

*In light of many requests for project visits, where practical, we will determine by phone if landowners can clearly flag or otherwise mark trail or boundary
areas that we can schedule on visiting later in conjunction with other field trips in the area.

*Should we plan to meet in person, we will plan an outdoor meeting, wear masks and maintain at least six feet of distance from all other persons, avoiding
contact with surfaces that have been in public use, and ask that you please follow these guidelines as well.

We are grateful for the interest in our work of conservation and for the courtesy that all members of the community are showing to one another as we carry
on in the service of conserving the landscape that we all love.

Thank you!