Our First Hawk Watch Was A Success!

On Wednesday, September 27th, we had a wonderful time watching hawks and other birds at Apex Orchards, one of the properties that the Franklin Land Trust helped to Conserve. About 50 people joined us for this informal event, led by Land Steward Alex Wahlstrom.

Alex shared his passion and knowledge of birdwatching with us, as we scanned the sky for signs of migrating raptors. We were lucky to see a variety of species, including Black VulturesTurkey Vultures, a Bald Eagle, Northern HarriersCooper’s HawksRed-shouldered HawksBroad-winged HawksRed-tailed Hawks, and American Kestrels. We also spotted some Ravens, as well as two CoyotesTurkeysCedar Waxwings, and Bluebirds.

Kestrel sitting on a pole

The view from Apex Orchards was stunning, as we enjoyed the fall colors and the panorama of the fields and mountains. The Farm Store was open for snacks and refreshments, and attendees had a chance to chat with other bird enthusiasts and learn from each other.

We are grateful to Apex Orchards for hosting us and allowing us to use their land as a vantage point. Apex Orchards was placed into a state Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) in 2002, with the help of the Franklin Land Trust. This means that the land will remain in agricultural use forever,  and will continue to provide habitat for wildlife and scenic beauty for visitors.

We hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you at our next one! Thank you for your support of the Franklin Land Trust and our mission to conserve land for future generations.

We hope to do another Hawk Watch in September of next year.