Mary and Elmer Sherman Conservation Area Dedication and Opening Celebration, July 30, 2016

Mary and Elmer Sherman Conservation Area Dedication and Opening Celebration


Saturday, July 30


This event is free and open to all


Join the Franklin Land Trust (FLT) and the McDonough family of Heath as they celebrate the opening of the Mary and Elmer Sherman Conservation Area.
The event will start with remarks from FLT executive Director Richard Hubbard followed by an easy walk on the property. John and Martha McDonough
donated the 20-acre woodlot to the Franklin Land Trust in 2015, permanently conserving a healthy sugar maple stand and well maintained woods roads.
The property is open to the public for hiking, hunting and wildlife viewing, and will be managed for forestry and wildlife.


The Elmer and Mary Conservation Area is named for Martha McDonough’s parents, who moved to Heath in the 1950’s and supported the family by living off
the land. Martha’s father hunted and cut wood for heat, building and sale. Martha’s mother had a large vegetable garden that she tended while raising
three children. Each spring, the family tapped abundant sugar maples and made over 200 gallons of maple syrup each year. The McDonough’s decision
to conserve this property honors the legacy and stewardship ethic of Elmer and Mary Sherman.


To register and get directions email Linda Alvord at or call (413) 625 9151.


The Franklin Land Trust works with people to protect the farms, forests, and other natural resources significant to the environmental quality, economy
and rural character of our region.