Peaceful Places [Video]


Only you can protect our peaceful places for today and tomorrow!

Where do you go outside to find peace? The top of a mountain, a hammock in your backyard, or a quiet drive on a country road? Spending time outside renews,
restores and refuels us as we navigate our way through an unrelenting and fast-paced world. Your support helps save places for everyone to find their
own peaceful refuge.

Each day, development threatens our natural places, and endangers the water, air and lands that your kids will inherit.
For 30 years the Franklin Land Trust has worked to protect the places where you find peace and to ensure that healthy lands are part of everyone’s lives.

But we need your help to continue this work! 

Remember that the land connects us all. Getting outside to enjoy the timeless rhythms of nature is a great way to regroup and to be reminded of why land
conservation is so important.

This land is here because of people like you – people who give back to their local community and know that conserving land is one of the best ways to maintain resources for this and future generations.

With your help, we have conserved over 30,000 acres of land. These acres are a testament to the conservation ethic of many landowners, and to the faithful
support of members like you.  

Thank you for your support!

Protect Peaceful Places Today