Pipeline Update

North East Energy Solutions (NEES), the pipeline advocacy partnership of which FLT is a founding member, recently filed a response to Tennessee Gas’s March
draft environmental resource report with the Federal Regulatory Commission. Based largely on an analysis conducted by FLT staff, the report details
the contradictions and inconsistent use of publically available data that Kinder Morgan uses to subvert, confuse, or minimize the impacts of the proposed
pipeline, especially on the region’s water resources. Some highlights are: 

  • Using data from 1969 to examine fish and game species impacted by the pipeline when there are many more up to date references available;
  • Claiming that vernal pools are being mapped and analyzed without including the publicly available map layer of estimated vernal pools;
  • Offering expert groundwater reviews to impacted landowners, without acknowledging that the majority of landowners have not granted survey permission
    and will thus not be included in this analysis;
  • Presenting inconsistent data on coldwater stream crossings with and among lengthy reports, making it difficult to judge the project’s impact on one
    of our region’s most significant natural resources.

FLT is pleased to have helped summarize and clarify the problems present in Kinder Morgan’s immense pile of paperwork. To read the short (only 20 pages!)
report, please visit the NEES website.