Alex Wahlstrom

Alex Wahlstrom is pleased to join our team, as our new Land Steward. In this role, Alex will be responsible for coordinating upcoming outdoor volunteer opportunities, monitoring the organization’s conservation restrictions, and assisting in the management of our conserved lands.

Having grown up on a small family farm in Northfield, MA, Alex’s passion for the natural sciences was ignited through farming and hiking experiences. This ultimately led him to pursue a degree in Environmental Science from UMass Amherst. Alex’s fascination with nature spans diverse interests, but he is particularly fond of ornithology. He eagerly anticipates exploring the many properties conserved by FLT and observing the diverse bird species that depend on the protected land.

With great enthusiasm, Alex looks forward to meeting the network of volunteers, landowners, and community members who share a deep connection to this beautiful region and its conservation. He expresses gratitude for the opportunity to introduce himself and eagerly anticipates getting to know each individual personally