Why I Support FLT: Bill Obear

Bill Obear

Bill ObearMy involvement with the Franklin Land Trust (FLT) goes back many years. From my perspective the land conservation successes of the Franklin Land Trust have created a domino effect, with more and more land owners beginning to explore conservation options. Many of these landowners earn their livelihoods from their land and realize that their working landscapes will be vital for future generations.

Why is land stewardship so important? Simply put it’s the lifeblood of the future. Conserving land and using it wisely is the precursor for a sustainable planet. Since its inception the Franklin Land Trust has been a leader in the land conservation movement. From its humble beginnings in 1987 to the milestone of 25,000 + acres preserved in 2012, FLT has consistently achieved its goals and exceeded the expectations of many of its members. I’m proud to be involved with this hard working organization.

– Bill Obear, Bear Path Farm Whately