Why I Support FLT: Bryan Lorber

In the Fall of 1970 I stood on the Pocumtuck ridge with my parents overlooking the Deerfield valley. I was 11 years old and just starting my first year at Eaglebrook. My Mom and Dad loved walking and we really enjoyed that hike to “The Rock” back when the trail was just a single footpath. It was during my four years on “The Hill” that I developed a keen appreciation for the environment and Nature. This was mostly thanks to an extraordinary teacher, Robert “Bob” Easton, but also other progressive faculty members.

Now that I’ve come full circle, retiring in nearby Amherst, I frequently visit Deerfield and hike along that same ridge. And do you know what? That view remains more or less unchanged thanks to the work of the Franklin Land Trust. It’s a near miracle that the view remains but miracles don’t happen by hoping and wishing. They happen by doing and that’s why I support land conservation.