Lloyd Crawford, Clerk

I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources in 1973 and worked as an environmental educator before moving to Massachusetts 40 years ago.

Ever since then, along with my wife Suzanne, I created and have been running Stump Sprouts Lodge in West Hawley. We make our living off of visitors who are attracted to this region’s natural beauty and for all that it has to offer in the way of recreational activities. Thus, I have a keen interest in protecting these assets. Stump Sprouts encompasses 400 acres with a 15 mile trail system that is used for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and mountain biking. It is actively being managed for forestry and wildlife habitat as well.

I have served the Town of Hawley for 35 years in a number of capacities. I was formerly the chairman of the Assessors. I am currently on the Planning Board, serve as chairman of the Conservation Commission, am a member of the Finance Committee. I recently led the effort to establish Hawley as a Green Community.

I am addicted to activities that involve rolling, floating, and sliding. I am an active cyclist. Mountain, road, gravel, fat … you name it. I have survived at least 10 D2R2’s and have been assisting FLT as part of the D2R2 Planning Committee. I enjoy all forms of nordic skiing as well and share a passion for flat water canoeing with Suzanne.