Lori Austin Teaches the Art of Noticing

On May 16th, Franklin Land Trust kicked off a new workshop series with the first of five classes in nature journaling.

Fifteen eager journalers were in attendance, all pleased to be outdoors enjoying the temperate breezy weather and the beautiful landscape of Guyette Farm, one of Franklin Land Trust’s most iconic properties.

The classes are taught by artist Lori Austin, an avid practitioner of nature journaling who has studied botanical painting under the tutelage of renowned Ashfield artist Beverly Duncan.

Lori is a natural explorer and curious learner, and a firm believer in empowering people to learn in their own way. She draws inspiration from Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, which suggests that individuals have different learning styles and that teaching methods should accommodate these differences.

The natural world provides Lori with inspiration, and she responds in kind by giving it her undivided attention, with nature journaling acting as a lens through which to focus her inquiries.

Lori finds that her artistic practice has a calming effect that helps to center her in her surroundings. “I find it helps me to connect with nature,” she says, adding that through art journaling, she has gained a newfound respect for the plants and creatures she observes.

Lori believes that art and science are connected, and she sees them as different
expressions of the same power of observation. As a middle school educator, Lori has been happy to see her discipline, “STEM,” evolve into “STEAM,” which includes art as a critical component.

By sharing her passion, Lori hopes to inspire others to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty in their own way.